OPTION 1 : VESPA 150cc

The Vespa 150cc is the ultimate way to explore Santa Barbara.  Fully capable for a solo ride or two up.  Scoot from the sea to the mountains and everything in between!  The Vespa 150cc gets over 100mpg, goes 60mph and has a handy place to store things under the seat.  A product of Italy for over 90 years, the Vespa is hands down, the finest scooter in the world .

  *Motorcycle license required *Not freeway legal *Helmet always required...duh.

itank white side profile


Cutting edge, super fun, and eco friendly, the Doohan Electric Scooter is a great option for riders without a motorcycle endorsement. This one of a kind design uses three wheels for added stability and grip but leans like a normal bike.  With the juice to get a single rider all around Santa Barbara you'll be sure to have a good time and get a lot of compliments with the Doohan Electric.

*No motorcycle license required *Not freeway legal *Helmet always required!