do i need a motorcycle license?

The easy answers:

For a vespa rental , YES.

For a electric Doohan rental. NO

Long story short,  we have legit rental options for those with and without a motorcycle license.  Don't sweat it, we have you covered.

do you offer tours?

Not at the moment.  We are currently working on rolling out a awesome touring option soon.


where the hell are you guys?!

We are easy to find, just a couple blocks up from the pier.  17 W. Montecito st. santa barbara, ca, 93101

We are just in front of the train station by the big Fig tree.

do you offer lessons?

Nope,  we can give you a quick refresher course but if you've never ridden a scooter you may want to practice before you arrive for your rental.

does sonny the cattle dog really ride on the scooters?

Yes, although he does prefer the Ducati Multistrada as his primary means of transportation.